WWE: Top ten greatest powerhouses in WWE history

WWE has never been shy about how much they love hoss battles. The recent Bobby Lashley versus Roman Reigns saga has been a war over who should be the face of Raw.

The Undertaker versus Kane pitted brother against brother in a battle for infernal supremacy. Hulk Hogan versus Andre The Giant had the Wrestlemania audience in awe of The Hulkster being the first WWE superstar to slam Andre.

Lashley and Reigns will clash once again on the next Raw. So, to hype us up for their rematch, let’s count down the best big boys to ever step foot in the WWE.

10. Lars Sullivan

WWE NXT is full of incredible athletes, albeit normal people. But, Lars Sullivan isn’t a normal man. He’s a genetic freak! Did you know that Lars has more 5-star matches rated by Dave Meltzer than Daniel Bryan?

9. Bobby Lashley

Lashley’s wrestling career reflects his in-ring style; quick and with a big impact for the time he has. That’s why his move-set is full of heavy artillery techniques like the delayed vertical suplex and the spear.

Bobby Lashley has even dominated the MMA world with a 15-2-0 record. But, can he dominate Roman Reigns once and for all? Not likely.