Uniquely South African! 10 Crazy Guinness World Records Held By South Africans

Just when you think this country has run out of ways to surprise us, we find out that South Africa is the home to the biggest bar of soap on Earth. When it comes to world records, we’ve got a monopoly on the big ones.

We say big… We obviously mean ‘most utterly bizarre’. Our list features records that no-one would imagine there’s even a market for. But take nothing away from our bonkers trendsetters. Their names belong to history. A niche, incredibly diverse passage of history, but history nonetheless.

Top eight crazy world records held by South Africans

1. Most consecutive backwards handsprings (one hand)

We start with a breathtaking feat of human endurance from Zama Mofokeng. A talented gymnast, Zama suffered a severe hand injury aged just 13. This was hardly grounds for him to throw the towel in, though. Mr Mofokeng’s elasticity doesn’t require a second point of balance, as proved by his 34-consecutive backwards handsprings.