Ugandan Celebrities Who Are Enemies with English Language

Though the estimated number of illiterate Ugandans is 6.9 million according to the latest research with 5.5 million of the women and 1.4, Ugandans are still sticking to the saying that illiteracy is not inability.

It’s now a common vice witnessed; the rate of child drop out from school being alarming as youth prefer to forego education for quick income generating activities so as to better their lives given their perfection of skills.

A case in point is the celebrities who despite of encountering a low background, they have not minded about to seek even adult education to the extent of failing to express themselves in the official language since English is a curse to them.

The list is Below;

1. Eddy Kenzo (Young Mandela)

Though he claims to have grown up as an orphan on the streets of Kampala following the death of his mother who solely had the future of the singer, the Big Talent CEO’s vocabulary is so disappointing that’s why he had to acquire TV personality Sheila Gashumba to lecture him improve on his grammar so as to ease his works especially while abroad.

His dream is becoming a professional teacher to take care of the vulnerable but with his current situation; a lot of help is still needed to better his dream.

2. Babaritah

Forget about not releasing hit songs versed in the English language, songstress Babaritah also considers the queen’s language as a curse and it was evidently witnessed last month on NBS After5 during the Women’s day celebrations when the ‘Akatijjo’ hit singer could express herself with ease to the listeners and had to resort to vernacular.