Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs In SA

3)Air traffic Controller

This a stressful jobs that requires concentration for airway to be kept safe. They responsible for landing and responsible if anything goes wrong. On average they can expect to get R583 450


4)Petroleum Engineers

This job requires for an employee to be willing to travel to rural areas as this is where oil is mostly found.It is an industry that is constantly changing,with new opportunities when new oil resources are discovered. Theres a lot of hard work and dedication involved however you can expect to earn R572 600 per years



This work involved evaluating the financial impact of risk and the uncertainty of a business corporation.Employees need to predict what impacts certain events will have on business,however if the predictions are wrong they cost the business a lot of money.As stressful as this job might be,on average you can expect to get R598 055 per year. Now you know which careers you need to follow especially if you want to earn a lot of money.