Top 20 Ugandan Celebrities and Their Cute Kids (With Photos)

Ugandan Celebrities and their cute kids – Gone were the days when it was a rare privilege to know Ugandan celebrities’ children, except if one was a member of the family or attended schools with them. Now it’s a completely different story. We can reveal their family, with the help of the media and the internet….

It’s even more different today, with social media making it easier for these celebs to flaunt their adorable kids for fans and the industry in which they thrive. It’s only fitting that celebrities often have really ridiculously adorable kids. Or isn’t it true that beautiful people make more beautiful people?… From Jay Z and Beyonce’s Blue Ivy, Will and Jada Smith’s Jaden and Willow to Prince William and Kate’s George Alexander Louis, celebrities all over the world have continued to flaunt their adorable kids…. While some of the kids have started showing early signs of interest in the showbiz world, others bask in the stardom that comes with being a celeb kid but stay away from fully being involved in the industry. BLIZZ UGANDA, Today brings you some pictures of precious tykes with their famous Ugandan parents here:

1. Azizi Azion

Azizi Azion

2. Bad Black’s Daughter

Bad Black’s Daughter