Top 11 South Africa Rappers Of All Time

SA Hip Hop has taken shape and grown from the days rappers were not considered to be cool and the elements that made a dope rapper have evolved. We have had rappers come and go since the genre came on the scene.

Hip Hop is definitely most alive in SA than in any other African country, it was also the most prominent genre in SA last year so we have decided to create a Top 10 SA Rappers Of All Time List:

1. Tumi

First off, Tumi is an amazing rapper (Rhythm And Poetry). The Motif boss has been dropping albums for over a decade now. Despite him not conforming to what the Radio and T.V want to hear from our artists Tumi remains hot and relevant. He is one of the most diverse Hip Hop acts on earth period.

Tumi can go from battling the battle world’s heavy weights, to lacing tracks with a band and the lyrics being so deep to a point where a professor from the University Of Cape Town had to analyse the lyrics and now dropping bars on pumping 808’s and still keep it lyrical.