Top 10: South Africa’s Favourite Adverts – Which is yours?

Advertising in South Africa has come a long way and has made an indelible mark on the minds of so many people. Sometimes, you find yourself smiling when you remember an ad that you really love, and whenever it is aired, you can help but nod and sing along.

Some of these South African TV adverts have entertained us, some have amused us, while a lot more of them have annoyed us even when we can’t seem to get them out of our heads. Even at times when some of these ads don’t appeal to us, we still can’t help but recognize that they are iconic and worthy of applause.

Well, over the long history of adverts, some have been categorized as the best ads ever because they are more iconic than the others. So, we bring you a list of adverts that had you hooked at the time they were aired and the one that you just won’t mind seeing again.

Best 10 Iconic South African TV Adverts

10. Savannah AD – “If u hum it, I’ll play it!”

We begin with the Savannah AD as a countdown our top 10 best South African TV adverts was a funny clip which starts out with a guy sitting at a bar with his savanna drink, while the barman is singing some songs and playing the guitar with his eyes closed and then his monkey plays around a little, takes this man’s savanna and runs away.

So the guy asks the barman: ”Do you know your monkey stole my savanna?” And the barman, thinking it’s a song title, replies – ”No, but if u hum it, I’ll play it!”