Top 10 South African Musicians Of All Time

The richness in South African music can be traced back a few generations. This goes to show that the current state of our music industry, the rapid speed at which it is growing owes to the strong back ground and the pillars of the industry.

It takes a certain type of talent to get into the industry, do well and yet remain relevant throughout generations to come. This list will highlight 10 of the best musicians in South Africa.

10. Lira

After winning a competitions for young singers and songwriters, Lira started performing live at the age of 16, singing both cover versions and self-penned songs.

She received five nominations at the South African Grammy Awards (Best New Artist, Best Female Artist, Best R&B Album, Best Single, and Best Video). “Feel Good”, was hailed as a great Afro-jazz album. It had hits like Feel good and Ixesha. Her music is a sweet mix of Afro-Jazz, RnB, and soul.