Top 10 South African Celebrity Homes

So we’ve done celebrities and their cars and top 10 celebrity break ups but we’ve never really showed you the kind of homes that our favourite celebs are living in.

We took some time out to collect a few images of our favourite South African celebrity homes and boy oh boy we must say that these people are living.

Enough chatter from us check out our favourite celebrity homes below:

Julius Malema…

And we all say ‘there goes the tax payers money’. Julius Malema is said to be earning quite a hefty amount of money, no wonder he can afford a young mansion in Johannesburg and Polokwane, honestly life’s good on his side of the world.


When rapper AKA bought his new place we honestly thought him and Zinhle would be raising little Kairo under one roof, well we guess that didn’t work out. Enjoy the North life King.


DJ Sbu’s lovely home that everybody says he doesn’t own. Well, even if he’s renting at the end of the day it’s a place he calls home and we totally love it.