Top 10 SA Celebrities Who Look Half Their Age

Do not refresh your screen, do not check to see if you’ve traveled through time, and do believe your eyes: you are looking at some of the hottest SA celebrities of all time who have seemingly not aged a day in years. Perhaps they’ve found the fountain of youth.

Whatever it is, it sure works well for them. Here’s our compilation of 10 SA celebrities who age very well.

1. Thembi Seete

This beaut just makes all the Boity and Bonang’s look like gogo’s. She is 40 years old and she stays slaying for years.

2. Stoan Seate

Stoan , real name Tshepo Seate looks younger than ever. What we are seeing now is exactly as it was back in the years. This hunk is 42 years old, do you believe it?