Latest Ranking: Top 10 Public Primary schools in Sydney

In Australia, about 70% schools are public (government or state) schools. The private (independent and Catholic) school sector makes up the remaining 30%. About 0.7% of public schools are government selective schools. However, more non-selective schools offer Gifted and Talented Programs including Select Entry Accelerated Learning in Victoria and Opportunity Classes in NSW. Public schools are most affordable but they have school zones or catchment. Find your ideal public or government school here.Take a look at the top ten best public school rated accorded to ratings in English and Maths as well as overall academic performance.

10.Murray Farm Public School

Murray Farm Public School was established in 1969 and over its 37 year history has earned a reputation for academic, sporting and cultural excellence. The school draws students from established areas in Carlingford and North Rocks and developing housing estates in the West Pennant Hills area. The school has an inclusive culture that supports all students and ensures that everyone achieves to his or her potential. It is a place where people – students, teachers and parents like to be.