Top 10 Most Expensive Schools In Uganda And Their Fees

The TOP 10 expensive schools in the Uganda are not left out in the race of pursuing quality education. These schools are attended by the Rick folks of the country whereby adequate security, social amenities and quality British education are provided for the students. The schools and the fees rates are given below for

10. Kabojja SS College

The school provides an International “UK“ Cambridge curriculum with classes in lower Secondary (Year 7, 8 & 9), middle Secondary (Year 10 &11) and upper Secondary (Years 12 and 13).

The upper Secondary School is done with a Cambridge International Diplomas and Cambridge Pre- University (Cambridge Pre- U)
As a measure of students performance on international level, the school enables students in year 9 to do check point Examinations from Cambridge University. The check point tests are available in English, Mathematics and Science. The tests cover all major areas of learning required in the first years of an international secondary Education.

FEES : $1,950

9. Kings College, Buddo

King’s College Buddo is a government sponsored, mixed secondary school in Wakiso District, on the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda. King’s College Buddo is located on Buddo Hill, in southern Wakiso District, off the Kampala-Masaka Road. This location lies approximately 14 kilometres (8.7 mi), by road, southwest of the central business district of Kampala.

FEES: $2,000