Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in South Africa

South Africa is considered as one of the most dangerous countries to live in Africa. However, the stats are based on research of non-official organizations. Moreover, stats from different surveys give different data for each city of South Africa. While people can understand that there might be a few differences between surveys done by different organizations, but those differences still give them an idea whether traveling or living in one city is better than the other.

Do you really think that crime and safety index give you the exact idea whether living is a city is better than the other? For instance, crime data extracted from surveys of a small city depends on a smaller population as compared to a big and populous city. Moreover, surveys are not quite enough to give you a better answer of safety and crime situation in a city as compared to the people who live in that place or city.

Nevertheless, crime and safety situation in South Africa in Africa is worst as compared to other major countries of the World. People can’t compare the safety index of the country with some of the most peaceful countries in the World such as Austria, New Zealand, Denmark, Canada, and several other countries.

Serious efforts are required to control the safety, crime situation in South Africa. Some un-official surveys say that every day 57 murders are committed around the different places of the countries. Other crimes include threat, robbery, assault, drugs, and other different crimes. Today, I will share with you the list of the most dangerous cities to live in South Africa.

Top 10 dangerous cities to live in South Africa

Next is the list of the most dangerous cities in South Africa. The crime/safety data given below is taken from Numbeo website.

10. Port Elizabeth

Crime Score: 70.22
Safety Score: 29.78

Last on the list is the city of Port Elizabeth. Here, crime situation is better than the previous; however, security merits are still not met to declare it as a safe city to live in.

9. Bloemfontein

Crime Score: 71.08
Safety Score: 28.92

As we go down the list, crime rate is getting lower and safety index is getting high. Bloemfontein is the 9th dangerous city to live in Africa. Bribery, corruption, theft, robbery, murder, and other violent crimes are common in this city. Based on the statistical data by Numbeo, people must read the whole scenario before they make their decision of moving to Bloemfontein city.

8. Cape Town

Crime Score: 71.35
Safety Score: 28.65

In Cape Town, walking alone in the night, especially in downtown means suicide. All the activities such as fun and entertainment should done is daylight and with your friends and family. Cape Town is a safer city than the previous ones. However, safety standards are not that good as compared to other major cities in Europe and North America. There is no doubt Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the World. Talking about security, caution is the best option.