Top 10 Hottest Female MPs in Kenya

The 12th Parliament opened with a record 22 women who won constituency seats in the hotly contested General Election.

There have been an increase of the female waheshimiwas since the last election.

These honorable women are bold, beautiful and brainy .This brought about the need to know the hottest among them and we are pleased to list below the top 10 hottest female MPs in the country.

1. Naisula Lesuuda

From a nominated Senator to the Samburu West MP, Naisula Lesuuda is the definition of beauty with brains on a 33-year-old head.

The former news anchor began her political journey with her nomination to the Senate in 2013, the youngest female member at the time.

This year, the alumnus of Daystar University (Communications and Community Development) beat Jonathan Lelelit to become the first Samburu woman to win an elective post on first try.

The founder of Naisula Lesuuda Peace Foundation (girl child education/eradication of FGM/early child marriages) has also won awards for her peace initiatives, including the 2010 Order of the Grand Warrior of Kenya (OGW) for her work in social issues and promoting peace.

In 2011, she received the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Wedge Award for Outstanding Professional Women. In 2013, she set up her foundation to further the cause for peace.

Naisula’s fashion sense comprises warm, daring dresses as her signature look.