Top 10 Companies That Australians Are Dying To Work For

This year’s LinkedIn Top Companies in Australia represent everything from your traditional accounting firms to airlines and retail chains. They’re who you trust with your money and whose beer you drink at the end of a long day. Thanks to their generous perks and vibrant workplace cultures, it’s no surprise that these companies are where LinkedIn members in Australia most want to work now.

The Top Companies list is based on the billions of actions taken by LinkedIn’s 500+ million members. Our data team, working with our global editorial team, analysed those actions to come up with a blended score ranking the winners in each country.

Our methodology takes into consideration three main pillars to uncover the companies our members are most interested in now: job applications, both views and applies on postings; engagement, with employees as well as with the company directly; and retention, how many employees are sticking around for a year or longer. Some final points: Our analysis was only run on companies with over 500 employees; included only actions taken in the 12 months ending in February; and — as with all LinkedIn Lists — excluded LinkedIn and its parent, Microsoft, from consideration. You can read more about our methodology here.

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Here are this year’s top 10 companies in Australia.

At global accounting powerhouse PwC Australia, new hires can expect individual onboarding plans and a designated coworker to help them settle in even before their first day. The company prioritises wellness, with meditation spaces and meetings on treadmills, and also offers flexible scheduling so employees can choose how, where and when they work. Another sweet perk: Company policy says no one has to work on their birthdays.

Number of employees in Australia: 7,000

Cool title: “Workplace Geniuses” help employees work better, whether by solving tech problems or suggesting the most productive workspaces for a certain project.

At your discretion: Employees at manager level and above can spend up to $1,200 a year on the development opportunity of their choice.