Top 10 Athletes Who Earn More Cash Through Endorsement Deals Than Their Salaries

In today’s day and age, being an athlete is more than just being great at whatever sport you’re involved in. As an athlete, you’re basically a public figure, and you’ve got to have the whole package to have even a chance of getting an endorsement deal or two. If your personality’s lacking, if you’re a dour-faced, pretty boring person who sends people to sleep when you give interviews, if you’re not the best looking man or woman out there, all of this could make it incredibly hard to get some extra cash through endorsements, no matter how good an athlete you are.

Provided they have this complete package, or at least a great deal of it, prominent athletes can look forward to earning huge amounts of cash through endorsements and sponsorship deals. For some, it’s what they strive to achieve, to land that big deal which will mean their money worries become a thing of the past. Others don’t really need the money, but aren’t going to say no to the huge sums of cash these companies are prepared to offer to get them on board, advertising their products, and services.

But it’s pretty staggering that athletes can earn more through endorsement deals than by actually playing the sports they love. Look down this list, read some of the names, and you could end up being quite surprised. There are some of the wealthiest athletes and sportspeople on the planet on this list, but they’ve acquired the vast majority of their wealth through endorsements, even though their sporting salaries are pretty huge to begin with. Here it is, these are 15 athletes who earn more cash by way of endorsement deals than their salaries.

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