This is How much Taxi Drivers Earn in South Africa

The department of labour has updated its minimum wages for taxi drivers and other taxi employees.

Taxi drivers can expect an around a 5.7% increase year-on-year, with increases applying retrospectively from the end of October 2017.

The new increases mean that drivers’ minimum wage will increase from:

  • Monthly: R3,218.57 to R3,413.26;
  • Weekly: R742.80 to R787.73;
  • Hourly: R15.47 to R16.41.

In comparison, rank marshals’ minimum wage will increase monthly from R2,564.33 to R2,728.45; weekly from R591.81 to R629.68 and hourly from R12.32 to R13.11, the department said.

The new boarding allowance – where an employer requires an employee sleep over at a place other than where the employee resides – will increase from R349.70 to R372.08.

According to a 2016 BusinessTech report, many taxi associations don’t strictly adhere to the minimum wage structure, with pay determined by various local taxi associations and their operational level, and also the routes drivers are on.

In addition, some driver pay is determined by the takings of the taxi – between 25%-30% of the takings per week – while others pay a flat monthly rental fee (R10,000 in January 2016), with drivers taking any additional profits on top of that amount, plus petrol costs.

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