These are the Richest Families in South Africa

1. The Rupert Family

On our list of the richest South African Family is the Rupert Family, which is a famous family from Stellenbosch, SA. Among the important icon of this family is Anton Rubert, who is married to Huberte Rupert with whom they raised three children: Johann, Antonij and Hanneli.

The two has been famous mostly due to their philanthropic activities with which they wish to contribute their quotas to the development of the economy.


In this article, we’ve presented to you the top 5 richest families in South Africa. However, please note that there might be other families that are richer than those stated but due to low/no information about them, they were not stated.

Even though most of the families strive hard to make ends meet, they have also been actively involved in philanthropic activities. Also, note that these families are doing a lot of work in order for them to be able to maintain their status in the economy and as such any small mistake can destroy the good works.

I believe the answer to the question ‘WHICH FAMILY IS THE RICHEST FAMILY IN SOUTH AFRICA’ has been treated with justice. I hope you find the article worthy of reading. Have a nice day ahead.

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