These are the Richest Families in South Africa

2. The Oppenheimer Family

They say respect should be given to those that deserve it. If it comes to the issue of diamond, gold and platinum mining, then respect has to be given to the Oppenheimer Family for their eminent effort in the business. What happens to be a broken job for Ernest Oppenheimer in South Africa has actually turned into a mining empire whose wealth and power will remain in the minds of South African till eternity comes.

Though the family have sold most of the shares in the Mining Empire, they seem not to really lose anything- Maybe the money is till eternal life too. Among the important figure in the family is Nicky Oppenheimer who is a businessman and also a philanthropist. In 2017, Forbes estimated his net worth to be $7 Billion. Other important figures include Harry Oppenheimer, De Beer etc.

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