These Are SA’s Most Expensive Private Schools

At the opposite end of the scale from free education, the rich are paying through the nose for exclusive private schools.

While South African students continue to fight for free higher education, free basic education for all already exists –– on paper –– at many no-fee primary and secondary schools.

However, there is no shortage of parents willing to pay for a top-quality private education at primary and secondary level although in 2018, even they may be starting to feel the budgeting pinch, as the already steep fees spiral higher and higher every year. Parents with children starting at the top schools this year had better hope their incomes keep pace with fee inflation…

St Mary’s School for Girls:

St Mary School for girls is an Anglican boarding school for girls situated in Waverley, Johannesburg. It was established in 1888 by an Anglican clergyman Rev. John T. Darragh who also established St John College after ten years. It is the oldest school you can find in Johannesburg. St Mary’s School partakes in writing the Independent Examinations Board exams.

The fee for boarding students is R173,700, while day students pay R92,450. On entry, R34,950 is required as entrance fee. The students of St Mary’s school compete in numerous inter-house events such as hockey, tennis, swimming, athletics, swimming, squash, music, debating, theater, etc.

10. St Andrew’s School for girls – Bedfordview Johannesburg:

You will surely agree with me that St Andrew’s School for Girls is one of the most expensive private schools in South Africa. St Andrew’s is a highly independent Christian school for girls with a blend of boarding and day students.

It is situated in Bedfordview, Johannesburg. The school was founded in 1902 by Scottish women Jean Fletcher and Jessie Johnson. The students of St Andrew’s pay R174,860 annually as boarding fee and R94,380 as annual day fee.