Top 10 Strongest and Most Valuable Currencies in Africa 2019

Our focus will be on the top 10 strongest currencies in Africa presently. To many readers and analyst, most valuable currencies always raise eyes and send across some questions to the mind of the intelligent. Some questions that arose when you talk about strongest currencies are, highest in what term? Definition? Scope and arena. 

But in this write-up, we will be limiting the scope to the strongest currencies in Africa nations contemporaries. Most valuable currencies mean the measures African currencies against the dollar have a relative price or slight differences with dollars. Many Africa nation today is faced with the dilemma of depilating currencies and some related issues; all this has their root in some phenomenon and facts that affect the value a currency holds. We will be considering some factors that promote nations currencies.


The ranking here is not done by our platform, we are a researcher come business and economy analyst that probe into the nation and Africa values. So, this list is from the world ranking body, but we are here to write more on each nation that was opportune to be on this list. Also, we will like to remind ourselves that this is the recent list as at the time of writing, and due to fluctuation in market and business, the list might be inconsistent at times more on, so here is the list of the highest currencies in Africa.


Top 10 Most Valuable Currencies in Africa 2018

1. Libyan Dinar LYD

Actually, in the real sense of Africa countries, what plummet one country’s economy is what leads to others development.  Libya being a nation is continent of Africa took the top seat in the ranking of the strongest currencies in the shore of Africa as a result of her booming economy and some factors that aggravate to this best nation.

Furthering on this, this nation has most of her income from her wealth of oil well, which in the real account amount to about 60% of the national GDP and the whole nation is attached to these natural resources. 

Libya in Africa has the most stable economy, although this has little effect on the standard of living of he left citizens due to constant plumber of war on her shore. 

The currency code for this nation is LYD, and in exchange terms, one LYD is equivalent to $1 US dollars.

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  1. Ù r right but here in libya LD not strong as you thing 1$ =5.4 LD and the life very expensive this rate you wrote only at BANK but we cannot get it because not available. I live at Tripoli Libya.

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