South Africa’s 10 Greatest Business People of All time

New World Wealth has released its list of the top 10 business people in South Africa’s history – showing which business leaders have had the greatest impact on the country, and the world.

The criteria used to determine the top 10 looked at how the listed individuals influenced the country and the international business community, innovated in their field, created jobs, and overcame challenges and obstacles.

Sol Kerzner, the hotel mogul behind the world-famous Sun City, was ranked as the country’s top businessman of all time. Kerzner’s top placing was not only for building the country’s most iconic hotels and resorts, but for the impact they have had on surrounding areas – effectively putting them on the map.

Kerzner has recently come out of retirement to help his daughter develop prime property in Llandudno in the Western Cape.

Other business people ranked include ‘legacy’ billionaires such as the late Anton Rupert and as well as the late Harry Oppenheimer – with self-made billionaire Patrice Motsepe also featuring.

Pam Golding, founder of Pam Golding property group is the only woman listed in the top 10, ranked 5th overall for building the biggest real estate group in the country.

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