Top South African Celebrities Who Are Growing Old Yet Not Married

Most of the times, South Arica celebrities find it very difficult to get married which till date we don’t know if is a Ryle in the creative industry. Well today, we penned down some of our South Africa celebrities who are ageing yet ‘refused’ to get married.

12. Boity Thulo

We know you for your role as Mpho Bogatsu on Mzansi Magic’s Rockville and presenting’s music show, Club 808. But Boity is time to also concentrate on building your lie. You are growing and needs to settle down. 28 years is not a small matter.

11. Minnie Dlamini

My dear on-air personality, actress and model after all the work you need a man now. Is it that you are not getting a man or what?! This year we better hear the wedding rings because you are 28 years.