13 South Africa Kid Stars From 10 Years Ago And How They Look Now

Have you wondered how and where your childhood TV stars are now, well today, we throw back what and where South African child stars are now. We must admit that they have really grown, not only physically and mentally but also professionally.But it’s been years since these local stars first made their kiddies’ show debuts and life is very different for most of them now

If you grew up glued to the TV screen, you will probably recognize these South African child stars.

Here’s what they’ve been up to:

The half-Italian, half-Zulu beauty who became a household name for her energetic presenting on the youth show Yo-TV moved to London back in 2015. Sade told Zaleb’s she relocated to the UK to be closer to her family in Italy.

The 32-year-old now works as an actress there – and she’s found a new creative passion: photography.

2. Sipho Ngwenya

Sipho, also known as Psyfo, is well-known for his out-there personality on the hit kiddies show YO-TV. After leaving the popular show in 2004, he landed a huge acting role as Ajax and the reality drama Generations.

According to TV SA, The 35-year-old also focused his energy on his music career by starting his own record label called, SID Records. His produced records for the late Mandoza and Lebo Mathosa.