SHOCKING! South African Celebrities Who Are Rumoured to be illuminati Finally Exposed!!!

They lose their souls in selling out to became who they are on the camera. They appear naked on camera. Fulfilling the wish of Alex Crowley that says “Men should Do what thou wilt” meaning do your own thing, And for those of you that wonder who Crowley is an old mason and Satanist that never kept it secret who he was worshiping. This celebrities are not people you wana keep before your eyes. Here you can see Somiz with that one eye outfit.

The same one eye of Lucifer on Somizi.
And now she just does it openly with musician AKA

Does it change meaning course its in South Africa? No it does not, Just like the Judges 8 symbol.
Its still the devil Horns

Here she is with the so-called symbol of Peace, go do research you will find its true meaning.


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