Shocking Reasons Why You Should Stop Watching P0rn0graphy & M@sturbati0n

P0rn0graphy is everywhere, from our various neighborhoods, to the TV programmes, to the Internets , the list keeps increasing. . . The rate at which our ladies are constantly contributing to the promotion of p0rn0graphy is alarming. From indecent dressing to irrelevant fashions, and tight-fitting attires

Its hardly possible to go a day without seeing a lady dressing indecently on the street. If as a guy i am not comfortable with going outside my gate in just my boxers and singlet to get something from the Northerner in front of my house, I don’t understand why some ladies can walk far distances in just a bumper short or micro-mini skirt and a sleeveless top, revealing their Bre@st-vages and bre@st-pits to the public.
Well, truly p0rn0graphy is much more than that but that’s where it starts from, in fact for me its under the same category.

Gone are the days when we surf hard on the internet to find p0rn, now its all over the internet, from Facebook to twitter to IMO to tagged to mini-webpages and so on. . . Many didn’t start viewing p0rn0graphy out of a deliberate act but cos of their curiosity. One could be innocently surfing the internet one cold night and suddenly u get a pop-up notifying u to click on a web page which actually is a p0rn site and from there, they get trapped. . . Many actually regret this action and strive to correct their mistake but its not been easy doing so, but truly i must tell u, the habitual act of viewing
p0rn0graphy does more harm to u than the temporary pleasure u derive.

So. . . .
Among many, here are some reasons why you should stop watching
p0rn0graphy and hence stop m@sturbating:

M@sturbation is the deliberate stimulation one’s gen!tals or that of others which often leads to 0rg@sm. Before i tell u how quitting of p0rn viewing helps to curb M@sturbation, u must know why u shouldn’t m@sturbate.

M@sturbation is a spiritually unhealthy habit which instills in one an attitude of self-centeredness and corrupt mind. A ‘m@sturbator’ in time will grow to view others as mere s3x object for s3xual satisfaction. S3x becomes separated from love and is relegated to a reflex that gives momentary a relieves s3xual tension of which the relief is only temporary. 

A ‘m@sturbator’ lacks self control, they get overly aroused at every slight s3xual incident. 

Lets say a lady’s body touches him on a queue, or in a bus or he or she sees a poster revealing little part of the body. Most rap!st are unrepentant m@sturbates. They get seduced easily, imagine a little girl of four years old sitting on the legs of a 30 years old ‘m@sturbator’, without doubt he will start feeling aroused since he lacks self control. Most fathers who rapes their child are chronic ‘m@sturbator’ who couldn’t just control them selves. M@sturbation clouds the thinking of such ones who indulge in it.

All they ever think about is how to please them selves, they can get off any where. This is a bad habit that needs to be eradicated in ones life. One step towards quitting m@sturbation is to avoid p0rn0graphy of every kind. Especially on the internet, block ur way to it, block all pop-up notification, use ur computers and phones in public places where you are not free to watch p0rn. To quit m@sturbation it is very compulsory to avoid p0rn0graphy.

when we were created, our conscience was put in us to guide us from bad and towards good, to help us differentiate from right and wrong. Howbeit for our conscience to always remain effective, we must use and nurture or train it wisely.

Recollect that the first time u viewed a p0rn ur conscience pricked u (that is if u av one). You went free watching it, u were hiding it. U went proud to tell others the title of the film u just watched or aw interesting it was.

You wanted to watch again the second time and as usual ur conscience tried to warn you but u shut it up. As time goes on, the more often u watch it and shut up ur conscience the more ineffective it becomes. It comes to a point when ur conscience stays silent even as u are on a wrong part, it doesnt try to stop u again, it leaves you. As at then u’ve killed ur conscience. A precious gift from God to man. 

And thats when u see nothing wrong in a man like u inserting his joystick in the anus of another guy just lik u, thats when see nothing wrong in a lady like u putting her whole arm-length in the vag!na of another lady. U then promote to watching a human lik u being chained with iron fetters as such used for samson and being gang-raped by 4 men at the same time. You then graduate to applauding when you see two mature idiots having s3x in a church and still u feel its ok. 

You then promote to watching humans like you having s3x with horse, dogs, even monkeys and probably elephants and u still smile cos of the temporary pleasure you are getting which has actually killed your conscience.