Top 10 Scarce Skills Jobs Available For SA Graduates

Top 10 Scarce Skills Jobs Available For SA Graduates. The unemployment rate is standing at an alarming 26.6%. Although it is an unfortunate situation, it is well worth remembering which skills will give you a competitive edge and increase your chances of landing a new job.

1. Health Sector

There is a vast need for health workers in this country. Government hospitals are congested with patients, but few personnel.

Careers within the sector include, Clinical Nurse, Registered Nurse, Nursing Educator, Nurse Researcher, Nurse Manager, Medical Doctor, Hospital Pharmacist, Medical Scientist and many more

2. Software Development

In today’s digitally dominated world, IT-related skills are far and away the most sought after skills globally and in South Africa.

Developing innovative, user-friendly software has become a necessity for businesses that want to stay competitive.