SA Celebs Couples Who’ve Been Married For More Than 10 years

Connie and Shona Ferguson

If you’re looking for a hot TV drama series, these are your people. The power couple has created some magic on our screens and we’re sure that there’s more coming from them. Besides being a force in the TV industry, Connie and Shona are also great role models when it comes to love.

They have been married for 14 years. Yes, and they’re still going strong.

After renewing their vows in 2011, ConnieĀ told Drum magazine: “The thing you need to remember about love is that it needs to be flexible enough to bend, that’s how you’re able to sustain it. That’s what ten years signifies to us. Our love is so flexible we can bend and shape it in any which way, it survives, that’s why we’ve survived this far.”

Shona added: “Everyday just take the time to appreciate your loved one. Tell them you love them and spend some time with them…”

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