Top 10 Richest Australian Celebrities

Credit : ppcorn.

From the most successful actors to the most ambitious entrepreneurs, you never know who will make it into the best-paid list. Here’s our top of richest Australian celebrities, as of 2018.

Number Ten: Isla Fisher

Oman-born actress Isla Fisher moved with her Scottish parents to Perth at 6 years old. She stood out as an actress in popular children’s TV shows in Australia and got her international breakthrough debut in Scooby-Doo in 2002. Her latest film triumphs include The Great Gatsby and Now You See Me. Net worth: $16 million.

Number Nine: Geoffrey Rush

Best known for his role as Captain Barbossa opposite Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, Rush has dedicated his entire life to his passion; acting.

He has won over 40 awards internationally, including an Academy and BAFTA awards, and is credited as an actor in 62 film and TV productions. He was born in Queensland and currently lives in Camberwell, Victoria, with his wife. Net worth: $40 million.