Places With Strange Names in South Africa

Crook’s Corner

A personal favourite Crook’s Corner is a unique area in the northernmost region of South Africa. The fables and legends relating to this area, which straddles three countries, are particularly fascinating.

Crooks’ Corner in the far north-eastern corner of the Kruger National Park provided a safe haven for renegades and robbers hoping to evade the law nearly a hundred years ago.

The area is populated by dense vegetation and wide rivers which separate South Africa from Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

A historic sign describes the area as a haven for crooks, stating that this particular triangle of land is perfectly suited to ‘people who had no great wish to look into the eyes of the law’.

It provided the perfect escape route for ivory traders, gun runners and other criminals. If you were wanted in one country you could quite literally hop, or swim, over to another country, thereby evading the long arm of the law.

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