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How to Apply for Pick N Pay Available Hiring Jobs ?

How to apply for jobs at Pick n Pay Stores

Pick n Pay Group is one of the largest retailers of food, general merchandise, and clothing in Africa. Pick n Pay has 1795 stores, including Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, and franchise Family Stores, where they employ over 85 000 people (Pick n Pay, 2021). 


Applying for a career at Pick n Pay can be done in four easy steps:

Step 1: Visit the Pick n Pay career site.

Visit the Pick n Pay career site on PNP.co.za/careers. 

Step 2: Sign-in or create an account.

If you already have an account, you can sign in and start applying. If you do not have an account, you can create one by following this easy process: 

  • Create a Username, password and enter your email address. 
  • Fill out the required personal information.
  • Attach your CV/Resume. 
  • Save/Register. 

Step 3: Browse the available jobs.

Once you have signed in, you can start browsing the available jobs. Pick n Pay offers careers across 15 categories so that you can find the right job for you! You can also browse and apply for their Graduate Program and Traineeships. You can browse the job vacancies according to your location, job title and keywords. 

Click on the job you want to find out more about. Here you can get more information about the job requirements, duties, competencies, and other relevant information pertaining to the job post.

Step 4: Apply for the job.

Once you have found your desired job, click ‘apply’ and follow the prompts. And just like that, you are on your way to your dream career!

To work at a Pick n Pay store in South Africa, you will need the following: 

– A South African ID.

– Be able to work retail hours, including weekends and public holidays. 

– A minimum qualification of Grade 10 – 12 (or equivalent). 

– Pick n Pay Group also reserves the right to conduct Criminal and Credit Check on applicants (Faro, 2020).

According to Pick n Pay, “Joining Pick n Pay is more than just securing a job; it’s embarking on a career. Working here is a way of life.” Pick n Pay’s core values are honesty, integrity and accountability (Pick n Pay, 2021). 

Pick n Pay Group’s value statement states, “we are passionate about our customers and will fight to meet their needs. We care for and respect each other. We seek out truth and face into its reality. We embrace change and encourage innovation and leadership. We support and participate in our communities. We take individual responsibility. We are all responsible.” It is, therefore, important for applicants to be familiar with Pick n Pay’s values to embody them and implement strategies to make Pick n Pay’s dream a reality (Pick n Pay, 2021). 

Pick n Pay believes in its employees and encourages employee growth and development. There is a “strong belief in promotion from within while acknowledging that people who join the company at all levels bring with them experiences, knowledge and achievements from which they can learn and grow.” (Pick n Pay, 2021)

Pick n Pay Group’s easy application process enables applicants to not only get jobs but start thriving careers!