Our Top 10 Favourite Female Best Friends Of Mzansi

Being famous and having well-known friends has its perks…

We all need a bestie – someone to whom we can turn and who we know will have our back no matter what. The kind of person who will stand up for you if they hear others talking about you behind your back and the kind of person who will tell you to put your “big girl panties on” when you need to conquer the world.

Besties are there through the good times too! They’re there for you when you meet “the one”. They help you cyber-stalk him, and all of his exes! They’re the ones with the champagne when you get that big promotion, and they’re the ones you can spend an entire day with, just vegging on the couch in your pyjamas! And of course, whatever they do for you, you do for them too…

Judging from these flourishing friendships it’s pretty clear that celebrity besties who slay and play together – stay together.

Take a look at how these popular besties take friendship goals to a whole new level!

Take a look at  Our Top Favourite Female Best Friends Of Mzansi.

Pearl Thusi and Dj Zinhle

Bonang and Lorna Maseko