Meet the World’s “Poorest” President who Lives on a Farm: Uruguay’s Jose Mujica

Being a sitting President comes with a responsibility and also most a times comes with you being in a limousine with bodyguards,living in the statehouse and others Jose Mujica,Uruguay’s sitting president is definitely not that type of presidents you would see in such style.

He lives in a farm,drives a 1986 Volkswagen Beetle when ever he is on rounds,he donates 90% of his salary to Charity.President Jose Mujica is definitely not your average president.

He is currently known as the world’s “Poorest President” because of his frugal lifestyle.

Mujica rejected all the luxuries the stuff the government provided for him but instead opted to live on his wife farm on a dirt road outside Uruguay’s capital.

President Mujica and his wife have no domestic workers,they do all the work themselves.The only staff they have are two police officers that guard them.

porest president

He was worth $1,800,the value of his beetle.