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How to Apply to ICASA Vacancies and Requirements

“Execution is something, but timing is everything.” ― Todd Stocker. 

The aforementioned adage incarnates the proverbial timeliness and adroitness that is imperative for an applicant to complement their scholastic accomplishments when filling out an application form. The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) is no exception to this notion.


The application processing requirements need to be meticulously fulfilled in order to create the best possible image of an applicant. Self-motivated and steadfast individuals have a special place at ICASA with their passion for growing and regulating the communications sector at the right place. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and broadcasting sectors purvey a galore of opportunities for career diversity and expansion to a broad-spectrum of vocational degree-holders which includes electrical engineers, lawyers, finance specialists, human resource specialists, and supply chain managers. The aim of pooled procurement of talent is nestled in the fact that talent from varying backgrounds provides the best organisational growth and sustainability. 

Vacancies are inclusive of positions such as personal assistant, licensing officer, and liaison officer. The best way to keep track of these vacancies is to regularly visit icasa.org.za. Opening the ‘Contact’ drop-down box shows many tabs including ‘Careers’. Entering this page through the official website is a good way to circumnavigate all the clutter that could be found on Google search. The vacancies are listed in detail on this page including all the deadlines. Clicking a particular vacancy opens the application form which can then be filled out by the applicant. The recruitment process is easy to comprehend for anyone and paves way toward the prospect of securing a job at an organisation that has a strong background. 

Fulfillment of the Eligibility Criteria 

The exhaustive requirements listed below must be met with for submission of the application form: 

1. The applicant must be a bachelor’s degree-holder in business, supply chain management or similar qualification equivalent to NQF level 7 with 3-5 years of professional experience in finance or supply chain management. 

2. 1-3 years of supervisory management experience is also a noteworthy prerequisite that should be embellished with diversity in the management experience. 

3. Experience with the application of a supply chain system that is equitable, competitive, and cost-effective.