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How to Earn And Increase FNB eBucks Point

How to Earn FNB eBucks Points and How to Increase eBucks Level?

Spending with the consciousness of “saving and earning at the same time” has never been better with the eBucks reward from FNB which is based on a point system. Let’s rewind a little for a basic understanding of eBucks reward from FNB; it’s an innovative FNB and RMB Private Bank rewards programme that was introduced in October 2000 to be delivering real and meaningful value eCommerce services to their customers, members and partners alike as they do their everyday things – filling up with fuel, loading airtime or shopping. In return, the earned eBucks can be used to shop at any eBucks partner store and eBucks shop. 


Qualifying Requirement for Earning FNB eBucks

Without reservations, there are requirements to be met to qualify for FNB eBucks points, and invariably, customers are rewarded with eBucks points based on the requirements their account met and their frequency of shopping and spending. 

A head-on start, to start earning eBucks, these FNB account specific requirements must be met first:

  • Simple Basic Requirement
  • Account Specific Requirement

Simple Basic Requirement:

  • Your account must be active – which means you transact – and in good standing, which means it’s not overdrawn, in arrears, in default, and you are not undergoing sequestration or any legal process.
  • Log in to the FNB Banking App at least once a month, using your own banking profile
  • Have total monthly deposits into your Cheque account.

Note: The monthly deposit amount varies per account.

Account Specific Requirement

This involves you being an account holder of any of these FNB account types: 

  • FNB Gold Cheque Account or Credit Card
  • FNB Premier Account, FNB Premier Credit Card or an FNB Fusion Premier Account
  • FNB One Account
  • FNB Private Clients Cheque, FNB Private Clients Credit Card or an FNB Fusion Private Clients Account
  • FNB Private Wealth Cheque Account, FNB Private Wealth Credit Card or an FNB Fusion Private Wealth Account
  • RMB Private Bank Cheque Account, RMB Private Bank Credit Card or RMB Private Bank Fusion Account

Note: having a matching credit card with your account type increases your eBucks earning power (Take Note of this!!!!!!)

Earning FNB eBucks

Use your qualifying FNB Bank Account to do day-to-day transactions such as:

  • Swipe your bank card or shop online.
  • Shop at Checkers & Shoprite (FNB Private Wealth and RMB Private Bank clients also earn eBucks on grocery shopping at any store).
  • Fill up with fuel at any Engen service station or take an Uber ride
  • Have an FNB Connect contract or load FNB Connect prepaid airtime
  • Pay your Smart Device monthly subscription fee (only applies to FNB Private Wealth and RMB Private Bank clients).
  • Buy from our in-store and online earn partners.

By doing all the aforementioned, you earn eBucks points; the accumulated points determine the reward level of the customers, whilst the point is calculated based on the 

FNB customer’s spendthrift!. Also, as you collect points, you move up a level of reward rate per the value of what you’ve spent shopping online, and the higher you move up the reward levels, the more eBucks point you earn, i.e. the FNB eBucks point you earn is subjected to your reward level. For example, a customer earns ten eBucks for every R1 spent from their account on the online shop or at eBucks shop and partners outlets. 

The modus operandi of the FNB eBucks reward system is; to collect points – determined and based on how you use your account(s) and increase your reward level – a benchmark on the more point you collect then, the more eBucks point you will earn. The reward rate is reviewed and adjusted as appropriate every month. 

Increasing FBN eBucks point

Since the reward rate level is dependent on the point earned, so increasing/win as many points as you can. As a matter of fact, as you leverage on the more point to attain a higher level of reward rate so will your percentage return rate will increase viz you will get more eBucks points when you spend. So, knowing how to earn and increase the point gives you the ability to fully explore this reward system without losing out on any opportunity to get a point regardless of how minute it might be. At the end of this article, you will know all the various ways to do as mentioned above.

Below listed and explain are the ways to increase FNB eBucks point:

  • Maintain a good credit status 
  • Monitor the “Track my rewards” tab on the FNB app
  • Be a holder of FNB savings account that grows by R500
  • Be a holder of FNB savings account with a minimum balance
  • Use the FNB app for transactions – at least two in a month
  • Get a credit card or an overdraft on your gold account
  • Shop on at least two online platforms, and 
  • Draft family will
  • Invest R5000 at least once per month

Maintain a good credit status

By maintaining a good and specific credit status, you earn, but you need to activate and be checking your credit status on FNB app. Aside, from the monthly earnings you will be entitled to, you get a certain point by accepting the terms and conditions of credit status. To start earning points this way, you need to: launch FNB app, navigate to the “credit status” and read the terms and conditions, then select accept. Afterwards, your credit status will be available to you. 

  Points you earn by maintaining a particular credit status.

Points you earn by maintaining a particular credit status
FNB Credit Status ScoreeBucks points per month
Light green1500
Dark green2000
Note: shows the eBucks you will earn per month if a good status is maintained.

Monitor the “Track my rewards” tab on the FNB app

This requires no brainer to earn. You earn 500 points per month by just opening and viewing the “track my rewards” tab within FNB app. However, this section also provides insight into other opportunities for you to earn more points, so take your time once a month to explore this option. 

Hold of FNB savings account that grows by R500/or with a minimum balance

This is applicable for those with a saving account and is in the habit of saving money; as you do, you rake in eBucks points. Another advantage of this it that it will make you get into the habit of healthy savings. 

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  1. Firstly, open a saving account within your FNB banking profile.
  2. Secondly, have a minimum of R500 in your saving account and increase it by R500 every month; then, you will be credited 500 eBucks every month provided you stick to the saving plan.

So, by having a minimum balance, you and growing it so shall your eBucks earning increase i.e. being rewarded for just letting your money sit in your account. With different savings portfolios, you earn:

           Money in savings account eBucks point per month

Money in savings account                                        eBucks point per month

            R 16,500+                                                                   1500

            R11,000 to R16,499                                                   1000

            R5,500 to R10,999                                                     500

            R0 to R5,499                                                              0

Use the FNB app for transactions – at least two in a month.

This only involves using your app to complete at least two transactions online, and you earn 2000 points per month.

Get a credit card or/and overdraft on your gold account.

Although debt is bad for your credit status, but still can be leveraged once you pay it back on time; with this method, you can earn up to 1000 points per month, so you needed to have a credit card linked to your FNB profile or request an overdraft on your account. The logic is to create a negative debit of at least R500 using your credit or/and overdraft in a month and hold on for 48hrs before paying the debt. However, ensure it does not extend longer before paying back to avoid unnecessary interest. Once the transaction is done, you should be rewarded with 1000 eBucks points.

Shop on at least two online platform

For heavy online shoppers, this is the best deal for them from FNB. If you’re into online games, watching movie streaming services such as Netflix, and if you frequent online food stores by placing orders, FNB reward system will work to your advantage when paying for these services. The more transaction, the more point you get; a transaction above 4 will earn you 2000 points. 

Draft a will for your family

By drafting a family will and using FNB as the executor, you earn 1000 points every month. Although topics involving death are scary to discuss, most people try to avoid it as much as possible. But in all situations is always one or two things that can be harnessed. 

Invest R5000 in one trade at least once per month

Investing money is a great pathway to generate and diversify your wealth. So, if you are keen on investing or you already invested in something, using an FNB share investor account will accord you the opportunity to be eBucks rewarded with every investment you make.

           How to:

  • Firstly, you’ll need to open a share investor account with FNB which can either be done inside the banking hall or online.
  • Now, you make all your shares and investment with the account.

Finally, the more YOU spend, the more eBUCKS points that will be earned.