Exposed: The List of the Top 20 Most Drunkard Celebrities in Uganda

When we talk about celebrated personalities in Uganda, the list is endless as many Ugandans tussle it out to make the top gig as a celebrity and struggle to keep it up to the top. It must be noted that one is celebrated basing on his or her social, political or economical effect to the well being of the society.

Below is a list of celebrated persons in code 256 who possess a deplorable state of alcohol dependency and are normally marauding in the dark after opver boozing making g a fool out of themselves.

1.Honourable Ken Lukyamuuzi (The man)

Honourable Ken Lukyamuuzi (The man)

This mouth watered politician is a former Lubaga South parliamentary legislator who clearly understands the political game and highly intelligent when it comes to debating issues concerning public interest.

Famously known as the man, Honorable Lukyamuzi can drink most of the beers left in the bar and forget that he didn’t leave any penny for home use.

2.Grace Nakimera

Grace Nakimera

She is a Ugandan musician, dancer, composer and song writer who is good at pop, rock and dancehall music and is well known for the ‘Ani akumanyi’ music hit that brought her to limelight featuring Gatimo and Paragon.

Despite the fact that she is doing well in the music industry and at the same time a business woman, Nakimera rarely misses a meal minus liquor and has an evening boozing club that she formed up with friends that turn most of the beer bottles empty by dawn.