Top 10 Most Educated Tribes in Kenya

The biometric registration of civil servants in Kenya has revealed some evidence in the nation’s ethnic composition in the national service.

According to reliable reports by the public service, about 80% of the public positions in Kenya are held only by 6 tribes.

This means  that the other tribes have to fight for the remaining 20% of the available positions.  Therefore, these numbers brought about the need to list the top 10 Most educated tribes in Kenya.

10. Mijikenda

The last tribe in this list is the Mijikenda; found in the Kenyan coastal region. The name Mijikenda stands for nine sub-tribes namely Duruma, Chonyi, Kauma, Rabai, Ribe, Jibana, Kambe, Digo, and Giriama.

Although ,this ethnic group hasn’t shined in the education sector as expected, they do have a minimal percentage of Ph.D. holders.

There is the list. In the current setup of the work environment, educated individuals tend to fair in life than the uneducated.

However, skill-based professions are gaining momentum and will offer great opportunities to more Kenyans and not just the most educated tribes in Kenya.