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SA Celebrities Besties Who Are Now Frenemies

Not only is it difficult to have friends in the very competitive entertainment industry, but it is even harder to keep them. Some celebrity friendships, like that of Terry Pheto and Mampho Brescia, manage to remain strong despite the drama. Then you have the friends who are all smiles in front of the camera, only […]

SA Celebs Who Went From Best Friends To Enemies

They say you can’t trust anyone in the entertainment industry and there no real friendships. Thanks to the following local celebs they have added to the proof that theory is right. Thy used to flood our social media timelines with best friend photos and now they can’t stand hearing each other’s names. Here are 5 […]

Top 10 South African TV Adverts of All Time

Advertising in South Africa has come a long way and has made an indelible mark on the minds of so many people. Sometimes, you find yourself smiling when you remember an ad that you really love, and whenever it is aired, you can help but nod and sing along. Some of these South African TV […]

SA Celebrities Living Positively With HIV And Aids

Over the decades, there have been several SA public figures who have not only come out into public, but also managed to live a long life despite the life-threatening disease. In conclusion, being diagnosed with HIV doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world. The following celebrities have proven so by being an inspiration […]

All Time Greatest South Africa Goalkeepers

We continue with our nostalgic trip down memory lane, featuring some of South Africa’s greatest goalkeepers. Every great team needs a great goalkeeper, the last line of defense. This week we bring some of the finest goalkeepers ever produced in this country. Itumeleng Khune Itumeleng Isaac Khune (born 20 June 1987) is a South African […]

12 Signs You Were Born And Raised in South Africa

1. You frequently use and understand the meaning of “just now” and “now now.” You know “I’m coming just now” means expect me when you see me. This can be anything from 5 minutes to a couple of hours from now. “Dinner will be ready now now.” Translated this means you should have a snack […]

SA Celebs With Their Beautiful Mothers

It has been said, no gift to your mother can equal her gift to your life. A love of a mother is so powerful… 1. Jessica Nkosi & her mom Mzansi actress most-loved by her fans for her character Qondi on Isibaya, Jessica Nkosi chats to us about her mom and all mommy matters. Jess, […]

Our Top 10 Favourite SA Celeb Mother- Daughter Combo

This Sunday is Mother’s Day – a day when we all celebrate and honour the women who birthed and raised us. Our celebrities will, no doubt, also be taking time to show love to their day ones and if you, like us ever wondered what your fave’s moms looked like, then check out our celebs […]

South Africa’s Most Rude Celebrities

For different reasons, celebs sometimes act rudely towards their fans or people in general and here in SA our celebs are no different. Whether on social media or in person these five celebs take the cake as the meanest celebs in South Africa. 1. AKA From giving his fans an ultimatum and refusing to take […]