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Top richest Pastors in Uganda

Some people say now days most Pentecostal churches are mainly for business outfit, this is why the pastors of these churches have lots of money, expensive property, like real estates scattered throughout the country. Today bring you a list of the richest pastors in Uganda;  Pastor Robert Kayanja Church: Rubaga Miracle Centre cathedral He is […]

Top 10 Ugandan Women Who Should Have Been Born Men

Celebrating women’s Day is a reminder we are still in a man’s world. And honestly, Uganda is still a patriarchal society where highly gifted women have achieved some milestones but would have reached far had they been born men. The following women are achievers but should have been on top of the country had they […]

Ranking the 10 Greatest Ugandan Boxers of All time

Its in nature of Mankind to asses and make comparisons in all areas and aspects of life. The competition is an unseen natural motive behind the life man lives. Who is better here and who was better there, could this guy have bettered him if they lived in the same times? Such are questions but […]

Uganda’s Top 10 Comedians Revealed

With MC Kapale launching a big debate about Uganda’s best comedians, we decided to solve this puzzle for now. In the MC Kapale Speak, these are the Ugandan comedians with ‘work.’ Those missing on this list don’t have work. 10. MC Kapale Truth be told, MC Kapale still has commendable work. He’s the guy who […]

10 Ugandan Celebrities allegedly claimed by HIV/AIDS

As Ugandans looks forward to join the rest of the world to commemorate the WORLD AIDS DAY on December 1, we have to remember that AIDS is real , it has claimed a number of lives of people we know and those whom we have never heard of. Many Ugandan celebrities have died due to […]

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