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Here are 2019/2020 School holidays in South Africa

Here is a list of school holidays in South Africa in 2019 and 2020 to help you make holiday plans or childcare arrangements if you have kids in South African schools. You’ll need to know when the school holidays in South Africa are if you’re a parent who lives and works in the country. Luckily […]

These Are SA’s Most Expensive Private Schools

At the opposite end of the scale from free education, the rich are paying through the nose for exclusive private schools. While South African students continue to fight for free higher education, free basic education for all already exists –– on paper –– at many no-fee primary and secondary schools. However, there is no shortage […]

Top 10 Best Private Schools In Johannesburg

This is the list of the Top 10 Best Private Schools In Johannesburg Check them out below…. 10. Johannesburg Muslim School Established in 1990, the Johannesburg Muslin School is a private institution situated in Fordsburg. The school’s curriculum is a holistic programme that is based on the curriculum prescribed by the Gauteng Department of Education. […]

Best Schools with 100% matric Pass Rate by Province

Credit: The National Senior Certificate School performance report can be one of the most useful tools for households and learners searching for quality education. The report features critical data and school performance indicators. These include a list of schools that achieved 100% pass rate over the past five years. It also features a list […]