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Top 10 Youngest Billionaires In Uganda

Today Uganda has got many billionaires including the likes of Sudhir Ruparelia, Wavamuno, Basajjabalaba and many others, the youth have also fought for themselves by creating jobs and others through various annual inspirational brain-storming programmes such as the Pakasa forum etc, I am telling you if you happen to attend any of these programmes, you […]

10 Highest Paying Jobs You can Get Without a Degree

Want a great paying job, but don’t want to spend years studying at uni? Here are the 10 highest paying jobs that don’t require a degree. From working in ICT to taking on a management position, you’d be surprised at the variety of jobs that pay well and value experience and technical skills far more than […]

Top 10 Richest Governors in Kenya

Kenya held their gubernatorial elections last year,  and we can certify that the country’s class of governors now has new faces replacing some previous seat-holders. On the other hand, some strong governors retained their seats and this implies they will remain governors this till 2022. In point of fact, the issue above draws consideration on […]

The 10 Most Expensive Holiday Destinations in South Africa

Accommodation Direct  released its list of cheapest and most expensive holiday destinations in South Africa last month. We’ve already given you tips for nine budget-friendly options to explore, but now it’s time to see how the other half lives. Keep in mind that these are average prices for the listings on this specific website. Obviously […]

Top 7 Richest Football Club Owners in South Africa

There is a lot of money to be made in football and the popularity of a football club, paves way for more business for club owners; Lets take a look at Mzansi’s power house owners. Note that this is their entire net worth, including assets outside of football. 7. Royal Bafokeng Nation:- Platinum Stars Chairman […]

New List: Top 20 Richest PSL Players And Their Net worth

richest player in psl

Over the years PSL Players have seen a big increase in how much they take how every month from their various clubs and club endorsement deals as well as personal business, with some players making  as high as R10 Million per year. See the current list of the Top earners based on our research. Use […]

Top 10 World’s Richest People Of All Time

There are wealthy people, and there are renowned wealthy people. Humanity has produced billionaires all around the world, but history has registered a significant number of multi-billionaires, whose wealth trembled the world. They are the richest people of all times. One would think that with the modern-day sophisticated technology and lifestyle, the present day billionaires […]