The 10 Most Expensive Holiday Destinations in South Africa

Accommodation Direct  released its list of cheapest and most expensive holiday destinations in South Africa last month. We’ve already given you tips for nine budget-friendly options to explore, but now it’s time to see how the other half lives. Keep in mind that these are average prices for the listings on this specific website. Obviously […]

Celebs Who Prove You Don’t Need A Weave To Look Beautiful

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing weaves or plaiting hair, it’s just that having your own natural hair as a black woman can be rather advantageous. Short hair is less costly, and lightens up your beauty not forgetting how it proves the pride of your own identity. With that said , nowadays it’s not […]

Haunting Photos Of Celebrities Who Destroyed Their Body

With the exception of most comedians, celebrities are an attractive group of people. The female celebrities often boast large chests, full lips, and flowing locks of their chosen hair color (usually blonde); while their male counterparts come equipped with bulging biceps, toned torsos, and chiseled jawlines. A combination of natural good looks and the money […]

How to Apply For a Job You Are Not Qualified For

Have you ever saw a job ad and told yourself ‘I could do that’, but then you looked at the job description and found that you do not qualify? What do you do? Most people dismiss the job and do not even bother sending an application. Here is how (and why) you should apply for […]

Things Interviewers Won’t Tell You, But You Need to Know

You’ve seen your dream job listed in a newspaper, magazine or on the internet, you’ve sent off your CV and now you received a call to come in for an interview. But what are the things your potential employer judges you on during that interview? Consider the following aspects the next time you prepare for […]