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DSV, a Danish transport and logistics company, has announced a learnership programme for young South Africans interested in finding job opportunities in the transport and logistics industry. This programme is an excellent opportunity for young job-seekers to learn new skills and position themselves for what could be a very profitable career. They only need to [...]

The SITA ICT learnership program offers a year-long paid internship to qualifying South Africans who are willing to advance their careers in the field of Information Technology (I.T.). SITA is a government I.T. agency central to the successful implementation of the National Development Plan vision 2030. Also, this agency exists for the sole purpose of [...]

There’s no denying it; times are tough. Even before the global pandemic hit, career prospects in South Africa are at an all-time low. The education system is in shambles, meaning many people graduate high school without any marketable skills. The prospects may seem bleak, but fortunately, there are ethical corporations trying to make a difference. [...]