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10 Tips To Getting A Job Promotion

The work place can be very competitive. It might be difficult for you to get that promotion that you so deserve. Do not despair though, the following tips might help the powers that be recognize you and elevate you. 1. Work Hard You can’t just expect to turn in your work every day and get […]

Just This One Question Could Get You The Job

It’s old news that it’s important to ask questions in an interview. If you don’t have anything to ask at the end of an interview, you run the risk of appearing disinterested or indifferent, leaving recruiters with a negative image of your fit for the job. But maybe all your questions have truly been thoroughly […]

There are the Best companies to Work for in South Africa (In every Sector)

One can no longer deny the importance of company culture and employee satisfaction. A healthy corporate culture is key to attracting top talent. High-performing employees are no longer desperate for ‘just any job’ but are able to pick between competing job offers. Universum investigated which employers are most attractive in 2018. As such, local professionals had the opportunity […]