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10 Best-Paying Jobs In Australia

Article Australia, the Land Down Under: home of the didgeridoo, Ayer’s Rock, the Sydney Opera House and some of the deadliest snakes and spiders the world has ever seen. It also happens to have one of the highest average salaries in the world. And, if the Australian Taxation Office’s latest figures are anything to […]

Top 10 Best Universities In the Australia

If you plan on studying overseas, Australia has a lot of excellent universities to consider! With courses in English and a wonderful country to explore, these top-ranked Australian colleges can definitely provide excellent opportunities for students. Here are the top 10 Australian universities: 10. University of Technology, Sydney UTS can trace its roots back to […]

Top 10 Companies That Australians Are Dying To Work For

This year’s LinkedIn Top Companies in Australia represent everything from your traditional accounting firms to airlines and retail chains. They’re who you trust with your money and whose beer you drink at the end of a long day. Thanks to their generous perks and vibrant workplace cultures, it’s no surprise that these companies are where […]

Top 10 Richest Australian Celebrities

Credit : ppcorn. From the most successful actors to the most ambitious entrepreneurs, you never know who will make it into the best-paid list. Here’s our top of richest Australian celebrities, as of 2018. Number Ten: Isla Fisher Oman-born actress Isla Fisher moved with her Scottish parents to Perth at 6 years old. She stood out as […]

Top 10 Highest Paid Sportsmen in Australia

When you think of high profile, well-paid Australian athletes the “Adam Scotts” of the golf or the “Timmy Cahills” of soccer may be some of the first people that come to mind. But what may surprise you is that basketballers hold three of the top 10 positions of Australia’s highest-earning sportspeople list, according to BRW. […]

Latest Ranking: Top 10 Public Primary schools in Sydney

In Australia, about 70% schools are public (government or state) schools. The private (independent and Catholic) school sector makes up the remaining 30%. About 0.7% of public schools are government selective schools. However, more non-selective schools offer Gifted and Talented Programs including Select Entry Accelerated Learning in Victoria and Opportunity Classes in NSW. Public schools […]

These Are the Richest People from Tasmania

Tasmania, an isolated island state off Australia’s south coast, is known for its vast, rugged wilderness areas, largely protected within parks and reserves. On the Tasman Peninsula, the 19th-century Port Arthur penal settlement is now an open-air museum. In Hobart, the port capital, Salamanca Place’s Georgian warehouses now house galleries and boutiques. Its Museum of […]