Best South African Food – Top 10 Dishes

South Africa offers adventure, wine, a wealth of natural attractions, diverse cultures, and even gold. The different cultures contribute to the unique, tasty and flavorful cuisine of the Rainbow Nation. This list contains ten of the best South African food. Their flavorful and unique texture provide quite an experience for your taste buds.

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Best South African Food – Top 10 Dishes


A staple in South African cuisine, Boerewors is a type of sausage. Boerewors contain lamb, beef, pork, and spices. South Africans braai, bake or fry boerewors. An interesting fact about preparing Boerewors is that no additional oils may be used to prepare it. Just prick the Boerewors in a few places and enough fat will provide enough fat in which to fry it.

A combination of meats, fat and spices, Boerewors make for a full meal though not a healthy one. Preparing Boerewors is an art in South Africa and they even go as far as having competitions to determine the person who best prepares Boerewors.


Biltong is a South African snack that goes way back. This snack is dried cured meat. It is somewhat similar to Beef Jerky but not as sweet. Different types of meat can be used to make biltong. The most important part is the spices which help to give the meat its flavor.

Some ingredients used in preparation include coriander, salt, paprika, nutmeg, lemon juice and many others. It makes for a savory garnish from soups, salads, and vegetables.