These are the Best High Schools in Every Province in South Africa

Top Schools in Limpopo, South Africa

1.       Hoerskool Pietersburg
2.       Hoerskool Warmbad
3.       Waterberg High
4.       Pax High
5.       St George College
6.       Gondolikhethwa Primary
7.       Khanyisa Education College
8.       Emmanuel Christian
9.       Phagamang Senior Secondary
10.   St Gregories College
11.   Mphari Secondary
12.   St Augustine Residential
13.   Kgagatlou Secondary
14.   Tshikanoshi Secondary
15.   Cata Senior Secondary
16.   Mugoidwa Secondary
17.   Rekhuditse Secondary
18.   Northern Muslin
19.   Potoko Secondary
20.   George Mswazi High

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