Top 10 Best Restaurants in South Africa


2. La Colombe (Constantia, Cape Town)

Delicate plating and delicious layers of flavour are the trademarks of Scot Kirton. Dining here is a special, singular experience, with dishes becoming more precise and pitch-perfect as the meal rolls towards completion.

A West Coast oyster with apple, caviar, kalamansi and a light soy dressing is transportive; you won’t want it to end. They’re unable to take the tin-can tuna off the menu, for good reason. A seared scallop with a lollipop quail leg, wing and breast, sensational parsnip purée and braaied sweetcorn arrives before a theatrical Granny Smith sorbet. For mains, go for the Chalmar beef with langoustine, sticky oxtail and peas.

Chef James Gaag finishes the dish off at the table, with tongs, a single coal and a dainty copper pot. For dessert, choose between the Three Ages of Boerenkaas or Valrhona Azélia cremeux with Jerusalem artichoke ice cream, grapefruit and hazelnut. Enthralling endings. La Colombe is also the winner of the 2016 Eat Out Nespresso Service Excellence Award, and front-of-house manager Jennifer Hugé took home the first-ever Eat Out John Psillos Award for Outstanding Contribution to Service.

La Colombe_Elderflower cured Norwegian salmon, citrus dressed King crab, blood orange, melon, basil seed and wood sorrel

Elderflower-cured Norwegian salmon, citrus-dressed king crab, blood orange, melon, basil seed and wood sorrel at La Colombe. Photo by Jan Ras.

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