List of the Top 10 Best Female Artistes in Uganda 2018

2018 has been labeled as a year of blessings in disguise as far as the Ugandan music industry is concerned though negatively being affected by the loss of one of the big guns, singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Mowzey Radio to mention but positively a new crop up of talented and promising female musicians have taken the lion’s share as far as winning revelers’ hearts.

As we eagerly wait for the Bebe Cool list of top performers, here is a list of top ten Ugandan female top guns in the music industry 2018 whose tremendous effort has enabled them paralyze partiers with some fantastic projects hence wrapping up the year in style.

Below is the list of the top 10 female musicians 2018:



Swangz Avenue’s Veronica Nakiyingi Luggya aka has been the biggest revelation of the year 2018 among the female musicians given her complex background as a dancer before becoming an artistes’ manager, little did she know that she could try another step in her career as a musician. From a number of hit songs Stylo, Nkubika, Chips Na Ketchup, Omukwano Gwo, Sweet Love, Love Doctor, Malaika, Tubikole, Mapozi to mention, you will definitely agree with me that Vinka has been the top hit of the year 2018.

2. Spice Diana

Spice Diana
Spice Diana at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards 2018

She is the female music personality who even the late singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Mowzey Radio had predicted to take over the industry this year by storm and with no surprise, Spice Hajjara Namukwaya has not disappointed attaining a sky rocketing music career maneuvering through hard times to the pinnacle without bruises with hit songs like; Sente Zakamezza, Ekyeejo, Now, Nasimatuka Ex, Twebereremu, Ndi Mu Love among those never to erase from revelers’ minds.