Top 10 Best A-Level Schools In Tanzania 2019

When it comes to education we all want to go to the best that’s available. No one wants to attend low-class schools where teachings are not up to standard, we all want the best with good facilities, teachers, and every other thing. Doing much research we have come up with the best A-level Schools in Tanzania 2019. This article has been able to cover much of everything you need to know. Below are the top A-level Schools in Tanzania.

Top 10 Best A-Level Schools In Tanzania 2019

10. Kisongo Academic College

which is known for its various department.

#9. Loyola School

Loyola School

An English-medium secondary school in the Mabibo ward of Kinondoni, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. It was established in 1995 to provide a secondary and A-level education for students who were not selected for government schools. Due to its specialization in A-level education, it has shown itself as one of the Best A-Level Schools In Tanzania.

A list of the various department in Loyola school is shown below.

  • 1. Secondary education department
  • 2. Technology and professional training
  • 3. Continuing education
  • 4. Language and communication skills

Education they say is expensive, but we believe that with determination you can get everything you want no matter the cost. Getting a good education or even attending good schools is not easy, we wish you success as you choose from any of the schools listed above.